My Passion

           I have a passion for soccer. I have been playing soccer since I was 3. I have been playing for NKSA since I was 7. NKSA is a select league so I have to try out every year. There is a fall session and a spring session. Since I was born in 2005, I am in U13. Some days practice is boring and other days, It’s ok. But, I mean practice makes you better so I go. I am a goalkeeper and I also play offense. Goalkeeper is a position where you are in the goal to block the balls going into the net. People always say why am I a goal keeper when I can barely touch the top of the 10ft tall net! Offense is a position also, it means that you play the upper sides of the field. I like to score a lot of goals but I like assisting goals too. Assisting goals is when you pass the ball to a teammate and they score without them passing it to anyone else before scoring. For practices and games we go to Indiana, Ohio, and a bunch of other places.

          I got inspired to play soccer by my mom. She put me in soccer because it was in her childhood. She did it, my aunt did it, my cousins play, my sister play too. Also everyone in the family has always been #8.  The reason I love soccer so much is because it is a way to express yourself. Anyways I even met most of my friends on all my teams. Some of them are my best friends and they are still are! They all ways have my back and are all ways there when I need them the most. One of my favorite soccer players are Alex Morgan. For me she is an inspiration, she is also really good. Soccer is definitely my favorite sport and my passion, whats yours?The Dull Weekdays of Hungarian Soccer #9 Istvan via Compfight

2 thoughts on “My Passion

  1. Soccer is my passion too. I remember meeting you from soccer. It was a super fun season. I wish we were still on the same team. But we both play on really good teams at least. I wonder if we will end up on the same team again? It would be col if we did. Now I am really hoping it happens. Well I hope your soccer team does good this season and you are fitting in with them just like you did us.

  2. Thanks Kenzie! I hope we are on the same team again too. I’m glad we are both trying out for soccer at school. Hopefully we can both make it. Good luck!

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