My Weekly Timeline

Every weekday I have to go to school. When we all get

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off the bus we head right to the gym. Then, we all go to our homeroom class at 7:30. During homeroom, we work on a program called Rosetta Stone. At 7:55 we leave to go to 1st period.

*1st period* My PBL class 7:55-8:44

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*2nd Period* My Social Studies class 8:44-9:33

* 3rd Period* My Science class 9:33-10:22

*4th Period* My ELA class 10:22- 11:11

*5th Period* My Math class 11:11-11:55

*LUNCH* 11:55-12:25

*Advisory* 12:25-12:53

*6th Period* My Drama class 12:53-1:42

*7th Period* My Health class 1:42-2:35


There are about 181 days in our school year. Well, if we have 1 or more snow days, but under 7 snow days, we would only have around 176 days of school. We have a winter break, summer break, spring break, and fall break. In advisory, if all of our homework is done we are allowed to play games. This is my schools timeline, whats yours?

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