About Me

SUP PEOPLES! My name is Macey, my nicknames are Mace, Mack_y, and pumpkin. I am 11 years young and my birthday is December 12th. I am very athletic, I play soccer in the fall and spring, swimming and diving in the summer, and gymnastics in the winter. I have brown eyes, they look kinda like black though.  I love coffee in the morning, it is so good although it is really bad for you. DIY’s are so much fun, I love doing them with my friends. I love all animals but my absolute favorite animal is an elephant.My favorite store is Forever 21, I don’t know why I have a favorite store because I technically go shopping almost everywhere. In my opinion I think that pineapple flavored gum is the best.  Hawaii, iv’e always wanted to go the, it is so tropical and beautiful. I will always wanted to make an igloo,  but  they seem way too hard to make and the snow won’t stay  together or strong enough to hold it up. Jello is one of my favorite snacks, What’s yours? I’m very kind and I think that all of my friends are too. One of my favorite games are limbo, I like to play limbo with my sister. My name is Macey if you didn’t know that. I love nutella, it is so chocolaty and delicious. I go to Florida in the summer and winter I love to go to the beach and swim in the ocean. I am not patient at all, I don’t know why, I just am. When I eat at Qdoba, I always have a sleepover afterwards. Reading is one of my least favorite things to do, I feel like it is a waste of time. On the other hand, Sleeping is one of my favorite things to do. ‘‘Toes Pointed!’’ That is something my gymnastics coach tells me to do on my tricks.  Unique is one of my favorite words, it represents everyone in there own way. Vanilla is my favorite flavor of cake and ice cream. Juicy watermelon is the best fruit ever, it’s my favorite thing to eat during the summer. The xylophone is an instrument that I’ve never played before. Yellow is one of my least favorite colors. I am very zealous and dependable.

2(+2) Giorgio Rodano via Compfight